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Janet’s Cakes was started by Janet Kletz almost 40 years ago.  Janet was a stay at home mom, who used her creativity to make cakes for her family‘s special occasions.  It didn’t take long for news of her talent to spread, and she soon began selling cakes from her home. In 1988,  after 10 years of having a home based business, she decided to move to a retail location on Market Street in Bloomington.  In 2006, Janet’s Cakes moved to their current location in Bloomington, Guido Circle.


Not only were Janet’s cakes delicious and beautiful, but Janet herself drew people to her shop. Her friendly smile, generosity and motherly demeanor made her customers and employees feel special and cared for.  She was always eager to go the extra mile to make people happy. 


Since Janet’s passing, her daughter, Cindy has continued to use Janet’s recipes to make the same delicious and beautiful cakes. By keeping the same standard of quality that Janet had, customers have returned over the years, and Janet’s Cakes has become the leading cake shop in Bloomington Normal.


About Janet's Cakes

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