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Placing an Order 


To place an order, please come by the shop or call today! Janet's Cakes recommends ordering about a week in advance. For busy seasons, please give more notice. To place an order or reserve a date for a wedding, please call 309-664-0684 or set up an appointment to have a wedding consultation. Appointments recommended for wedding cakes.

Party Cakes

- Party Cakes come in all shapes and sizes. We offer sheet cakes, round layer cakes, mini tiered cakes, and character pans.


- Party Cakes are decorated with frosting flowers, drawings piped by hand, and decorative icing touches.


Call for sizing and pricing. We will be happy to find the right cake for your needs!


Decorated Cookies

- Plain white iced sugar cookies are $2.00

- Just iced in a color sugar cookies are $2.25


- Decorated Iced Sugar Cookies start at $2.50. Price increases depending on the complexity of the decoration. 

A variety of shapes are available.


- 12" Decorated Chocolate Chip Cookie - Call for pricing

- Plain white iced cupcakes are $2.50.


- Decorated Cupcakes start at $2.75  per cupcake, which includes a simple decoration. Price increases depending on the complexity of the decoration.


- Please contact us for pricing on mini and jumbo cupcakes.

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